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Patent Search

Save Time and Money: Conduct a Thorough Novelty Search Before Filing Your Patent Application

Patent Drafting

Patent drafting is the art of creating clear, concise specifications that comprehensively describe your invention.

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution involves the interactions between applicants, their representatives, and the patent office regarding a patent or patent application.

Trade Mark Search

Trade marks, whether registered or unregistered, act as a 'mark of origin' to ensure customers recognise and identify your products or services as coming from your company.

Trade Mark Prosecution

Trade mark prosecution is the process of interacting with the trade mark office to get your trade mark officially registered.

Contention Trade Mark Matters

We expertly handle contentious trademark matters, leveraging our deep expertise and commitment to clear communication to resolve disputes and protect your brand effectively.

More than a decade of experience in Intellectual Property

Robertson IP was established in 2019, with the goal of changing the way people access professional assistance with their intellectual property (IP). We offer a full range of IP services globally.

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